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Cancellation policy


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  2. Cancellation policy applicable to cancellation by the guest
  3. Cancellation conditions relating to unused stay vouchers, vouchers issued by third parties and changes to the length and type of stay through vouchers
  4. Final provisions


  1. The cancellation policy applies to cancellations made between the accommodation customer and the accommodation provider (=hotel operator).
  2. The cancellation fee is calculated on the total amount of the order.
  3. The cancellation fee represents compensation for damages caused to the accommodation provider.
  4. The accommodation provider reserves the right to issue an advance invoice, payable no later than 7 days before the stay. The advance payment is 50% of the total amount of the booked stay, unless otherwise agreed between the accommodation provider and the client.
  5. In case of cancellation of a stay for which an advance payment has already been made and according to the cancellation conditions the amount of the advance payment is higher than the cancellation fee, the accommodation provider is obliged to refund the amount exceeding the cancellation fee to the client.
  6. In the event of early termination or interruption of the stay without the fault of the accommodation provider, the accommodation provider shall not be obliged to refund the paid price of the stay or its proportional part to the client.

Cancellation policy applicable to cancellation by the guest

  1. The property agrees not to charge cancellation fees in case of cancellation up to 15 days before the announced arrival date.
  2. Cancellations made 6 - 4 days prior to arrival will incur a cancellation fee of 70% of the total stay.
  3. Cancellations made 2 and 1 day prior to arrival or on the day of arrival will be charged 100% of the total price of the stay as a cancellation fee.
  4. If the length of stay is reduced, the same cancellation periods apply as for cancellations.
  5. The cancellation fee is a contractual penalty.

In case of cancellation due to unavoidable events (death in the family, hospitalization of the customer or a member of his/her family, serious illness, natural disaster), no cancellation fee is charged. The customer is obliged to provide the accommodation provider with written proof of the above-mentioned events within 3 days of their occurrence.

In case of cancellation for other serious reasons, a change of date is possible by mutual agreement.

These cancellation conditions do not apply to the "No Refund Policy" booking preference sHost When making a reservation in this mode, the guest pays the full amount of the reservation online by credit card and this payment is non-refundable, nor can reservations in this mode be modified or rescheduled.

These cancellation conditions are valid only for individual guests (bookings up to a maximum of 5 rooms) and for bookings made directly by the hotel, i.e. without third parties. For cancellations made through a third party or external provider (e.g. Booking.com), you must also cancel the reservation through this provider in the manner required by this provider for cancellation or accept its cancellation policy, which may not be the same as the above.

Cancellation policy for groups (unless otherwise stated in advance):

30 - 25 days prior to arrival.....10 % from empty capacity
24 - 15 days prior to arrival.....30 % from empty capacity
14 - 4 days prior to arrival.....60 % from empty capacity
  3 - 0 days prior to arrival...100 % from vacant capacity

In the event of non-payment of the deposit from which the cancellation fees could be deducted, the accommodation provider has the right to send the client an invoice in the amount of the cancellation fees.

Cancellation conditions relating to unused stay vouchers, vouchers issued by third parties and changes to the length and type of stay through vouchers

  1. A voucher is a document used to pay for a stay or services instead of an invoice, cash or credit card.
  2. For stays via voucher, the same conditions for cancellation or modification of the reservation before arrival as described in the paragraph: cancellation conditions applicable to the cancellation of the accommodation reservation by the guest.
  3. The cancellation fee is a contractual penalty.
  4. Unused vouchers will become invalid upon expiry.

Final provisions

  1. These terms and conditions are valid and effective from 2o May 2020.
  2. Relations between the client and the accommodation provider are governed by the provisions of these cancellation conditions.
  3. The cancellation policy applies only to confirmed written orders (e-mail).
  4. Cancellation of the booking can only be made by the accommodation provider and the client in writing (e-mail).
  5. These terms and conditions continue after the termination of the accommodation contract between the accommodation provider and the client.
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